Series UL - 802

Ultra Magnetic Platen used for very fast, safe & easy clamping of moulds on Injection moulding machine. This advanced technology eliminates hydraulic & mechanical clamping system & provides quick mould change ( QMC ) and just in time ( JIT ) moulding.

Operating Principal
Magnetic Platen works on the ELECTRO PERMANENT MAGNETIC SYSTEM that develops very high magnetic force. The electrical control equipment is only to activate & de-activate the magnets inside the platen i.e. it will not loose it's magnetic power in case of power failure. It doesn't requires power once it is magnetized.

To mount a mould, the operator has to match the mould base to the locator ring on stationery platen, then bring the moving platen in until it touches the rear mould plate. Now, the operator has to magnetize the mould, remove the straps holding the mould halves together and then pull the moving platen back. The machine and mould are now ready for production. A typical magnetic mould change involves bringing both mould halves together, securing the mould halves; demagnetizing the platen & then lifting the mould out of the press by suitable means.

Salient Features

  • Compatibility with all existing machines
  • Full utilization of active area of the platen
  • Maintenance Free
  • Saving
  • Drastic reduction of downtime
  • Virtually zero operating cost, no power consumption
  • Very fast return of investment
  • Reliable
  • Total demagnetization of moulds & plates when switched off.
  • No deformation
  • Fast Clamping
  • Safe
  • Uniform clamping force across the entire rear of mould
  • Uniform magnetic field.
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Cat No. Size ( mm ) Max. Working Temp ( °C ) Clamping Force ( Kg / Cm² ) Thickness
UL - 21001 Depends on Machine Platen Size 0 - 130 25 - 30 60 -65 mm
UL - 21002 Depends on Machine Platen Size 130 - 240 25 - 30 60 -65 mm