Series UL - 823

Suitable for pick and place application

  • The Permanent magnet system of these holding magnets creates a magnetic field between the center pole and the outer border of the holding surface.
  • In addition to the permanent magnet, which creates the holding force, a coil is installed. When 24V= is applied to this switch - off coil a counter pole magnetic field is set up to neutralize the permanent magnetic field. As a result work - pieces can easily be removed.
  • These holding magnets will preferably be used when long - term holding times are required and tools should be loosened by switching on the coil for a short period.
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Special Sizes Available on Request as per Application.

Sr. No. Cat No. Holding Surface Holding Force Weight Minimum Thickeness
1. UL - 82301 200 mm x 60 mm 150 kg 3.0 kg 6 mm